From the sea to a river, a lagoon or simply a bubbling fountain, water captivates the full spectrum of our senses. The sound of pounding waves or a trickling stream, the inebriating scent of ocean water, the refreshing spray from a sprinkler on a hot summer day and of course, its ephemeral beauty will always allure. Be it in flux or tranquil and reflective, it never disappoints. Water also affects all that it comes into contact with.

Shot at various angles, forms of an abstract quality easily emerge. These here remind me of a river seen from the sky. However, they are close-ups of a Pacific beach. Molded by retreating waves. the variegated and textured sand made for a perfect contrast of light and dark, smooth and rough.

And then, as soon as the wave disappeared all vanished like a Tibetan sand painting. Then a new once left its mark.


And then there was the "launching" back to the ocean of hundreds of rescued baby sea turtles  Only three days old and perfectly determined, they sought their "homeland". Sadly, only a small percentage will survive. Predators and the crashing of the waves are their nemesis. For now here are three marching ahead with three people standing by. 

Three Turtles returning to the ocean as three people watch

Three Turtles returning to the ocean as three people watch


A leaf floating in the Housatonic River in the Berkshires in autumn..


The tranquil, sensuous mirror-like quality of water on a lagoon just off a beach at dawn...

And a very different sunrise at dawn on the ocean:


“From the beginning, nature was for me a world of exploration and discovery, of experience and wonder, a world of both constant rhythm and ceaseless change.”

Paul Caponigra

A fountain bubble

A fountain bubble