Photographing people, young or old, in Mexico, Bhutan, Cambodia or simply in my backyard in the Berkshires has offered me an endless source of joy. It has also been a big challenge: for years I was photographing plants and gardens for my articles. Flowers and trees rarely moved and I didn't have to ask for permission to "capture" them.  Ultimately, they were more a reflection of my own esthetic sense. 

Portraits are very different. For one, they seek to be more honest (unless we're talking about advertising); for another, they hopefully tell stories. If, as  photographers we are lucky, they also allow us a small glimpse into the soul of a person. Of course, there is much left to interpretation. The angle chosen, the environment and the mood evoked, among endless factors. 

Below are some recent photographs in a slight sepia tone from Mexico.

Little girl_DSC7519.jpg
Woodworker_DSC7472 (1).jpg
_Bird guy cropped 2   DSC7540.jpg