A Lighter Touch!

Taking a break in Ravello, Italy

Taking a break in Ravello, Italy


We all need humor in our lives, especially today. This little visual offering is  about not taking things too seriously. It brings to mind Milan Kundera's title to his book: "The Unbearable Lightness of Being".

These rather simple photographs — more like snapshots from my iPhone 6, were taken in Italy, Mexico, and the Berkshires. They share a common theme: people or things that may also bring a smile to your face. Not particularly artistic, they simply hold a quirky flare.

(Of course, being in the right place at the right time is crucial. It involves opening our eyes to the zany that often pops up around us).


While just above we have a man posing in front of a Roman bust in the beautiful Villa Rufolo gardens in Ravello overlooking the cobalt blue Mediterranean, below was a man endlessly waiting for a train in Sorento as were we.


My favorites here include a sequence of shots I took in the Parroquia in San Miguel de Allende during Semana Santa last year. Suddenly before me was a crew of guys lifting the Virgin Mary from her protected glass niche for a ritual Easter procession.  She was far heavier than one would think: it took three guys to lift her and carry her away. A true balancing act.

I later wondered if the movers - two young guys and an older gentleman -  might also have seen the humor. Perhaps. After all, who hugs a virgin by the waist? They didn’t seem to mind my photographing them. However, to me, she seemed to display something between blissfully unaware, disconcerted, even mildly exasperated. No matter how gentle they were, to be schlepped from a safe niche in a dark and cool church to bright sun and crowds is not an easy ride.



Coming home later I was greeted by these two adorable twins sitting on my door step!


And then, there are a few shots of objects that, to my eye at least, appeared a tad bit out of context. The first is a set of three fairly elegant chairs, perched above a long, stone staircase leading back into downtown Naples, Italy. The last two are of a boat being presumably stored for the winter by a front door in Housatonic, MA.

Also on the move?

Also on the move?