“Horizons” is not only about geographical and cultural sites but also my personal vision of the world in all its richness and complexity. This section involves creative exploration and whatever drew my attention at the moment be it crosses, trains or cacti in sepia tones.  Most recently it's Bhutan.


HAVANA VIEJA Around Easter of 2015, my husband, David and I jumped on a plane in Mexico City and visited Cuba for a few days. Havana Vieja, (where we stayed just a few doors down from Ernest Hemingway's room at the Hotel Ambos Mundos) immediately struck me as an architectural jewel. READ MORE



Cacti and agaves, both succulents but of very different plant families, continue to be a source of fascination. Be they round, tubular, columnar, or sinewy, their majestic forms intrigue and inspire. With their quasi-indomitable nature that can withstand scalding sun, drought and the harsh conditions of desert environments, they beg for ... READ MORE


Numerous studies show how our response to colors goes beyond esthetic preferences. As human beings we have a limited range of colors we can perceive. Much is also determined by language. (Think of how many words exist in the languages of the Arctic people for the color white. Subtleties exist for them we may not even perceive because of English.) READ MORE


While traveling recently in October in New Mexico, I discovered myself photographing crosses. A pattern began to emerge in what the license plate calls the: “Land of Enchantment”.  Inspired by my random encounter with the crosses in all shapes and sizes while exploring the majestic and stark mountains and canyons and the adobe pueblos, I couldn't help but be drawn to them. READ MORE



We all need humor in our lives, especially in these rather dark days. Yes, the Spring Equinox is finally upon us.. Still,  I find it hard at times  to feel at home in the world. One way though, as we all know, is through humor. And to prove this is watching how SNL and Stephen Colbert keep climbing up in  the charts.

This little visual offering is not political though. (Thank heavens!). It's about not taking things too seriously. There will always remain a lightness of being in the world around us. 

In “surfing” through some of my photographs recently, I uncovered a thread over the past year that might also lifted your spirits as it did mine. READ MORE