“Horizons” features pieces on various corners of the world I've recently had the good fortune to visit. Call them travel stories. In a certain manner, they follow in the footsteps of my book, Nomads5, about our family's year-long trip around the world in the mid-1990's.  No longer in print, it was a compendium of entries from both my and our daughters' journals including drawings as well as photographs.

Below, I'm also sharing a few pieces with no specific connection to a place or time. More thematic, they include stories on color, plants, crosses, you name it. Hopefully, my words and images will offer a glimpse into my vision as I continue to explore both the natural and cultural world as well as personal.

As W. B. Yeats wrote: "The world is full of magical things patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper." Like writing, a camera is one of many vehicles.

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